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This article in the New York times describes Chicago’s architecture as world famous. To show off this archectiture in the city, “the Chicago Architecture Foundation offers first-rate guided tours to help visitors understand what makes this city’s skyline so special.” The foundation offers walking, bike, boat, and bus tours to more than 60 architectural sites and environments in and around Chicago. One of the CAF’s most popular tours is the 1 1/2-hour Architecture River Cruise. I have personally been on this tour and it was aw dropping. The boat sails along both the north and the south branches of the Chicago River. Although you can see these 50 or so buildings by foot, traveling by water give you a unique perspective. The boat allows you to see buildings from a lower angle, because the river is below street level. Also, the boats let you see a different side of the buildings, and it allows you to feel captured by the beauty of the city. On the boat it lets you appreciate the old and modern architecture that Chicago has. Therefore, this boat ride down the river can display the history of the City while showing off modern architectural styles. I would highly recomment this or any boat tour down the river is for anyone interested in Chicago architecture or the city itself.

– Jeremy


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