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The Sears Tower has been a Chicago landmark for almost 36. Over that time the  Sears Tower has become the destination for millions of world tourists and a daily center of work and commerce for thousands of Chicagoans. This article describes the Sears Tower as having “served as a frequent backdrop to numerous groundbreaking films from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986) to The Fugitive (1993), it has been scaled by such daring acrobats as Spider Dan (1981) and Alain “Spiderman” Robert (1998), it has been a highlight of media controversy in response to the CTBUH (1997), it has been a center of preparations for making Chicago HDTV capable (2000), it has been placed on the city’s list of focal points for protecting against terrorism (2003), and most recently it has been cited as a prospective new headquarters for the U.S. Olympic Committee (2008).” As well the building serves as a backdrop for any visitors to the city or metropolitian area, because it can be seen from miles and miles away.

It stands tall, over 1700 ft aloft. The Tower was designed in the 60’s by Bruce Graham. When the building was being constructed it was challenging two towers: the Aon Center and the World Trade center as the world’s tallest building. Therefore, this building shows Chicago commitment to putting Chicago at a status of an elite Global City.

– Jeremy



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