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This article describes the Daley center as being an “exceptional example of International Style architecture, based on the revolutionary steel and glass skyscapers of world-famous architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.” This building is known as being Chicago’s first major public building that was constructed in a modern style of architecture. This was very different then the the previos classical style of architecture. It has huge spans of steel framing, and expetional spatial flexibitlity. The building host a large plaza, which has a fount and a monumental sculpture by Pablo Picasso.

Clearly this building help spread the international style of architecture in the city. This helped advance the Modern movement, which gave Chicago more of an identity. At the same time, the sculpture and fountain in the plaza add to the city’s beauty. Lastly, the building was named after former Mayer Richard M. Daley after his death. Therefore building’s like the Daley Center are great for the city, because they push for innovation, art, and celebrate one of the most important people, former Mayor Daley, to the development of the city.

– Jeremy


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