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According to this article,The Museum of Science and Industry is one of the most beloved and visited museums in the world.” The Museum origins are tied back to the Chicago Columbian Exposition which was the World’s Fair. Back then in 1893 the Exposition the Museum was called the Palace of Fine art. This building is the last major structure from the fair.

Thanks to the Chairmen of Sears Roebuck & Company in 1911, Julius Rosenwald the building was turned into a place of public science education. He was originally inspired by a visit with his son to the Deutches Museum in Munich, so when he returned to Chicago he wanted to create a place for “industrial enlightment”. In 1933 the Museum of Science and Industry opened to the public.

This museum in the oldest science museum in the Western hemisphere. It has over 800 exhibits and over 2,000 interactive units. The Museum of Science and Industry attracts about 2 million visitors per year. As well the building itself is a place to remember Chicago’s history.

Today Chicago is filled with Modernism, which is a result of many innovators pushing Chicago forward. Although without structures like this Museum and the Chicago Water Tower, people might forget where Chicago came rome. The Palace of Fine arts, now the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry, was created for the Colombian Exposition. This exposition was brought to Chicago to show the world that Chicago was a city of promise and optimism after the dreadful Chicago Fire in 1871. Therefore this building reminds Chicago and the rest of the world, how Chicago was able to start to rebuild and grow into a Global City.

– Jeremy


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