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Yesterday, Barack Obama was elected President of the United States with a landslide of electoral votes. Obama is the 44th elected president and he will be the first African American President. That alone makes history. The face or image of the United States internationally will forever be change. Although, Barack Obama is also considered to be the President of the people of the United States. He has been able to connects liberals, moderates, blacks, whites, old and young people, democrats, and republicans all over the country. He has been able to change the attitude of the country. His slogan is “Yes We Can”, and last night at Grant Park around 100,000 people were chearing “Yes We Did! Yes We Did!”.

Clearly last night the event was one to be remembered. A quote in the Chicago Tribune this morning said from one person, “I want to get photos that show a sense of the overall feeling here, the moments that make this night,” she said, noting plans to e-mail the photos to friends across the country. “This is a night I’m proud to be a Chicagoan.” The feeling at the park was electric and something that could be seen from watching on TV. On TV the viewers could see to the north of the park, the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Tower was lit up to read “USA,” while just west of there, the Smurfit-Stone Building declared “Vote 2008” on its slanted diamond roof. This is exactly the kind of image World Business Chicago and the Olympic committee wants to bring to the city. Having a rally like that with Chicago as the background will be remembered for a long time. It highlights how great Chicago can be, and it can definitely help Chicago’s bid for the Olympics in 2016 because the entire world was watching.

Last night will be remembered for a long time. It took place from what was describe by the tribune as a “crystal-clear sky and a crescent moon, they came from across the country and around the world, stood shoulder to shoulder and cheered joyously for President-elect Barack Obama, each drawn for reasons as diverse as the faces around them.” While the people at Grant Park were inspired by the rally, so many more people were motivated. People around Chicago, people around the whole country, and people around the whole world left their homes to celebrate. At the University of Wisconsin Madison, I was able to witness a incredible unplanned celebration down state street. Around 3000 people packed the streets in a celebration. This type of reaction is probably something very similar to many other cities and towns last night around the world.

Despite what Barack Obama is able to accomplish as president, he has given inspiration to his country and the rest of the world. Hopefully, it will be able to spark all sorts of improvements by the people that were energized by the change Obama has created. For Chicago, there was no better way to have the change be highlighted but in the center of Grant Park.

– Jeremy


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