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According to this article, “Marina city is a complex of two cylindrical towers near the Chicago River. Due to their unique shape, the towers are locally known as the ‘corn cobs’.” These two 60 story towers were built in 964 by Bertrand Goldberg. It is a apartment complex that includes recreational facilities, offices, restaurants, banks, a theater and 18 stories of parking space. Marina city was built with the idea of creating a fully society in the building. It became an alternative to the villages and small towns, offering everything in a small area.

Originally Chicago feared that the outflow of people from the cities in early sixties would lead to decrease jobgs. So this experimental complex created becasue it was financed by unions. It is definitly not the most famous building in Chicago, but Marina City reinforced the image of Chicago as a city on the forefront of modern urban architecture.

Even though this building is not the most famout, it is a very interesting site for movies, especially if you need to throw a car out of a building. There is a scene scene in “The Hunter” which is a car chase through one of the Marina City parking lots. The car eventually crashes in the scene through a barrier, and diving right into the river. Movies like this are great for the city because it provides more exposure for the city. The more exposure for Chicago will in the heirarchy of global cities. That is why Chicago is pushing so hard for the 2016 Olympics in the city, because the city wants to showcase to the world the opportunity Chicago offers.

– Jeremy


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