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The Wrigley Building is one of the most famous buildings in all of Chicago. It sets on the edge of the Chicago river, in a very prominant location. According to this article, “The Wrigley building serves as the headquarters of the Wrigley (chewing gum) company and was built in 1920 by the company’s founder, William Wrigley Jr.” It was the first building in the southern end of the magnificient mile. This building stands out with incredible architecture with its white terra cotta cladding.

The article explains the Wrigley building consists of 2 sections: the tallest, 30 story southern building has a 121 meter high tower and was completed in 1921. The largest, 21 story northern section was completed in 1924. The two structures are connected by an open walkway on street level and two elevated walkways on the 3rd and 14th story. Between the two structures is the small Wrigley plaza.

This is another older style building that adds so much art to the city. With building such as the Trump tower going up next to it, the Wrigley building helps keep the old Chicago flavor alive while the new high tech architecture is going up all over the city.

– Jeremy


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