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North Avenue Beach is a hot spot in Chicago. It has great views of the John Hancock buildings, and the chicago skyline. Many people go there to play volleyball, swim and relax. While today the beach is seen as a great asset to Chicago, it used to be just a swampy land.

North Avenue Beach is a classic example of a beach engineered to retain sand. This beach was created in part of the Burnham Plan. This article explains that, this beach is known as a “perched beach” because it is raised above the level of most beaches undergoing erosion. Approximately 100 feet offshore there is a submerged steel wall above the level of the lake bottom.  The wall helps contain sand on the beach that would otherwise be transported off the lake bottom and out of the area by long-shore currents. Therefore, this beach was constructed to meet the public needs.

So while most people don’t think of Daniel Burnham when they go to the beach, they should at least know his impact on Chicagoans daily lives. He helped create a world class envirnonment for the city, which gave it a new dimension.

– Jeremy


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