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With the recent crisis in the markets such as the DOW, S & P, and NASDAQ, i decided to look into the Chicago Board of Trade. The Chicago Board of trade is the building that host the CME group, which help the market prices for the entire global economy. The CME trades commodities of all sorts in futures and options.

The Chicago Board of trade is a Chicago landmark for its design. According to this article, the building is “one of the city’s finest examples of “Art Deco” architecture, a style of the 1920s and early 1930s that attempted to express the modern, streamlined world by the use of cubic forms, geometric ornament, and sleek surface materials.” This building viewed all the way down LaSalle Street because the street terminates with this building. Inside this building it has one of the finest example of the Art Deco design with a two story lobby. As well, on the exterior there is a lot of art. There are many various carvings made on the building. Recently, the director of the move “Dark Night” (Batman),  tried to take advantage of this building. He must of thought it was a special building because he filmed it in several fights scenes just outside the building.

The board of trade is another example of a Chicago landmark that brings art to the city. As well the building plays a crucial role by being the heart of the cities economy by hosting the CME group. Therefore the building should be looked at as a symbol of the Chicago economy.

– Jeremy


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