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35 East Wacker is one of the best buildings in the city of Chicago. It is originally known and often reffered to as the Jewelers Building because it was created for the city’s diamond merchants. According to this article, the building is a skyscraper out of time. It was constructed by Joachim Gaiver and Fredrick Dinkelberg during the Art Deco movement, but its form and docoratice flourishes are clearly influenced by Roman, Greek and Gothic architecture.

This building has housed many famous and well known things. 35 East Wacker used to house a restaurant called Statospher Lounge. It is said under prohibition is was run by Al Capone, former big time Chicago Mobster. Now that space is a showroom for famous chicago architect Helmut Jahn who has his office on the top floor of the building. Helmut Jahn has his office there because he most likely believes the building is a masterpiece of Chicago architecture.

– Jeremy


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