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Chicago is working on brining another skyscraper to the city. This article states, “The city where the skyscraper was born just can’t get enough of these supertowers. The Chicago Spire is the latest in a series of super-tall projects proposed and erected since the mid 1990’s.”  This building is being made by the Spanish architectural superstar Santiago Calatrava.  Many people have tried to describe this building but they have found it is hard to categorize because it is so unique. The Spire will have 150 stories while the bottom 20 floors occupied by a hotel, while the rest of the building will  be filled with 1,200 luxury condominiums.

It is stated by Fast Company Magazine, “[Santiago Calatrava] is redefining the form of the American skyscraper with his Chicago Spire”. So for obvious reasons this building will bring a whole new element to the city when it is finished in 2012. The building will be located next to Navy Pier which is between the Sears Tower and the John Hancock building, so it will completely alter the skyline.  Therefore, this building is another example of Chicago continueing to grow and become a more dominant global city.

– Jeremy


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