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Frank Lloyd Wright has effected Chicago with his unique style of housing that is seen throughout Chicago. It was said in this article, “Wright’s houses embodied a flowing, human-scaled complexity that reflected ideal living conditions rather than rigid enclosures.” He created these houses at a time when most American homes were made as box-like shells. Over a 100 of his innovative houses are in the chicagoland area. Many aspects of the house resemble a Japanese Shinto temple. These features were descibed in this article. The article mentioned that the houses include small divided light windows reminiscent of a shoji screen, clay tiles on a low-hipped roof, and open sleeping porches on the second floor. These types of houses were constucted to blend in and exmplify the nature around it. Thanks to Wright’s innovation the chicago metropolitain area was able to expand and become more appealing. As a result of the suburbs being more appealing the urban sprawl occured, which in turn allowed the Chicagoland areas population started to grow. With the population growing around Chicago, it has allowed Chicago to become a more prominant Global City.

– Jeremy


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