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Monthly Archives: September 2008

In the this article, chicago is described as “lake front city”.  Lake Shore Drive exemplifies the lake front in Chicago. LSD is not a boulevard rather a highway. Although with its noncommercial character, and scenic borders it is very different from most other eight lane highways. Driving down LSD allows people to be able to get a sense of the larger city by the views on the strip of road. The road parrells the beach and park on the east side and high rise buildings on the west side of the highway.

Lake Shore drive came into existance due to plans by Daniel Burnham, which is described in this article. It was originally created becuase the other roads were terribly congested. So then the Plan of Chicago was created by Burnham. The master plan was centered around the lakefront and creating a pleasure drive. Now to this day, Chicago has a waterfront park system on the lakefront almost unparalleled among major cities worldwide.

– Jeremy


Frank Lloyd Wright has effected Chicago with his unique style of housing that is seen throughout Chicago. It was said in this article, “Wright’s houses embodied a flowing, human-scaled complexity that reflected ideal living conditions rather than rigid enclosures.” He created these houses at a time when most American homes were made as box-like shells. Over a 100 of his innovative houses are in the chicagoland area. Many aspects of the house resemble a Japanese Shinto temple. These features were descibed in this article. The article mentioned that the houses include small divided light windows reminiscent of a shoji screen, clay tiles on a low-hipped roof, and open sleeping porches on the second floor. These types of houses were constucted to blend in and exmplify the nature around it. Thanks to Wright’s innovation the chicago metropolitain area was able to expand and become more appealing. As a result of the suburbs being more appealing the urban sprawl occured, which in turn allowed the Chicagoland areas population started to grow. With the population growing around Chicago, it has allowed Chicago to become a more prominant Global City.

– Jeremy

Yesterday Chicago Tribune published a article on the Cubs clinching a playoff birth. The Chicago Cubs have not won a world series in a 100 years and yet there are still fans from across the entire country to celebrate yesterday. After that many years of losing it raises a very interesting question: why do cubs fans still care?What makes the Chicago Cubs the ‘loveable losers’?

Baseball fans across the country have not shown that they will always stick with their teams after consistent losing. Meanwhile, the Chicago Cubs have one the largest fan bases in the country. In my opinion, the fans are attracted to the culture that Wrigley Field created. Wrigley Field is a masterpiece. It reminds fans of what baseball should be. That is why fans have stuck around.

Like many others, I will be praying the cubs break the 100 year curse this year in the playoffs. Although, even if the Cubs can’t go all the way this year, I will wait for next year with every other fan like most of us have done every year of our lives.

Go Cubs Go

– Jeremy

On August 6, 2006 New York Times posted an article on Millennium Park and explained the history behind it. Originally Grant Park was a place for Chicagoans to find the heart of the city’s culture. Now with the completion of Grant and Millennium Park twenty four acres the city can fully express the culture of the city. The article states, “both park spaces exemplify places of civic, public, and artistic activity and thereby represent changing ideas of the culture in Chicago.” Now with both parks completed, the area that was created many years ago is able to finally create a space of innovation for the city to build off of.












– Jeremy



This month, september 14 2008, chicago Tribune posted in article that talked about how to make chicago better. Currently Chicago Metropolitan Agency for planning is beginning to draft a blueprint for the future of the seven counties that surround Chicago. This has been sparked by the 100th year anniversary of the legendary Burnham Plan that change the face of Chicago. The plan is often referred to as the most important document in the Cities history, which was writtten by Daniel Burnham and Edward Bennett. The plan created the breathtaking lakefront, Navy Pier, North Michigan Avenue, and framed the growth of the suburbs. Now the new generations leaders in the city want to finish what the Plan started. For example, Mayor Daley wants to extend the lakefront for new miles. 

The original Plan was art. It created a scene that changed the culture of the city. The people were able to have a place to enjoy the lakefront, and businesses thrived because Chicago became a better place to be. This current development will be another form of art. The plan will add another dimension to Chicago layout.

A new wave of innovation in the city is exactly what is needed. This comes at a perfect time when there is a current push to get the Summer 2016 Olympic Games to Chicago. The Olympic committee could view Chicago as a even better place to be to showcase to the entire world. Hopefully Chicago finds a way to raise enough money to accomplish there goals with this new plan because it will add another dimension to “global city” of Chicago.

– Jeremy

This blog is dedicated to Chicago. This is a project for a class at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The site will highlight popular spots in the city and Chicago Landmarks. This blog will get into how the history and planning has shaped the city landscape. Lastly, the blog will get into how all of these important structures and people have shaped the city into becoming a large factor in the global community and how it became a extremely important global city.

– Jeremy